Fund your Ideal Lifestyle by Clayton Daniel: Book Review

March 24, 2017

How can you fund your ideal lifestyle without putting too much ongoing thought on your financial situation? Is it possible to enjoy life in the now at the same time securing wealth for the future?

Fund your Ideal Lifestyle by Clayton Daniel is a book written to help people, wherever they are in their finances, arrange their thoughts and actions to get the most out of life. According to the author, you can fund your ideal lifestyle by using the 3 Step Framework: 

  • Lifestyle clarity
  • Automate cashflow
  • And buying capital assets

The 3 Step Framework has been proven time and again by the author and his clients. That's one reason why this book is written; to help better the lives of many others. Through the 3 step framework, these people were able to fund the lifestyle they want at the same time securing wealth for their future.

The pieces of advice/tips shared by the author are very practical and easy to apply. Fund your Ideal Lifestyle is a good resource to glean from for those looking to manage their financial resources automatically. This is done by automating cash flow thus, eliminating decision fatigue.

Cognitive Minimalism

The idea of this book is to promote cognitive minimalism. That is to outsource every financial decision as much as possible by automating cashflow. By freeing your mind from the constant distractions of making financial decisions every single day, you're able to focus your attention on other areas of your life. Hence, the success rate in those areas also goes up.

On Investment

The author also touches a bit on the different investment options available in the market. I find this topic to be helpful, especially for people who are weighing in on the best investment option suitable to the lifestyle they want.

Fund your Ideal Lifestyle Book Review

I like Clayton's view on enjoying life in the now while also taking care of the future. I find that some folks hold off their life today only to enjoy it later. That's fine! While others believe in today's enjoyment without regards to the future. Outright irresponsible!


Reading the book is like talking to a friend. The author shares many practical tips on how to manage your finances with minimal effort, minimal decisions, and taking all the advantages afforded to you. Fund your Ideal Lifestyle by Clayton Daniel is a good financial resource to glean from if you're looking for ways to managing your finances without giving too much thought on it.

Accordingly, Fund your Ideal Lifestyle by Clayton Daniel is a book about deciding what you want out of life, allocating your cash flow to meet it and eliminating decision fatigue. Want more? Check Clayton Daniel's book: Fund your Ideal Lifestyle below.

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