Midas Touch by Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki: Book Review

February 06, 2017

If you're thinking of becoming an entrepreneur or desiring growth for your business, then this book is a highly recommended read. 

I've read Donald Trump's book The Art of the Deal before which gives a detailed history of his major projects and how he successfully managed to push it through despite the many drawbacks he's faced with. He also gives helpful negotiating tips in the Art of the Deal which is useful for everyone. And this is the first time I'm introduced to Robert Kiyosaki as an author. 

Midas Touch by Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki Book Review

I truly enjoyed reading the Midas Touch book by Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki. My husband highly recommends this read too. Midas Touch is an easy read. This book is written in an autobiography format. Donal Trump & Robert Kiyosaki shared their personal business stories and how they're able to overcome the many challenges despite the heartless cut-throat competition.

This book is very straightforward. You're not promised rainbows and chocolate marshmallows in the world of entrepreneurship. Success requires hard work, sacrifice, and persistence.

Midas Touch hand metaphor that represents 5 key critical attributes to entrepreneurial success:

  • The thumb - stands for emotional maturity & strength of character.
  • The index finger - stands for focus.
  • The middle finger - stands for your brand and what you stood for.
  • The ring finger - stands for relationships.
  • The little finger -  stands for the little things that count.

Most Needed Type of Intelligence

Through this book, I was introduced to the 7 types of intelligence. The one most needed by an entrepreneur is not even IQ, but EQ (intra-personal intelligence). When you have strong intrapersonal skills, you can control the self-talk that holds you back and undermines your success. People with low EQ have challenges with will power.

Cashflow Quadrant

I also like the discussion about the CASHFLOW QUADRANT. You'll learn what each quadrant is all about, know where you are at present and obtain helpful tips on what it takes for you to move out from the E (employee) & S (self-employed) quadrants, where you work for the money; to the B (business owner) & I (investor) quadrants where money works for you.

Now, I won't be spoon-feeding all the wonderful things I've learned from this book. You have to read it to uncover the business treasures hidden from within.

3 Golden Nuggets from Midas Touch Book

  • Fear is the entrepreneur's motivation to learn. If fear paralyzes you, keep your daytime job.
  • Having a vision for something can be a very powerful force for accomplishment. Those who persevere, and those who take risks, have a real chance of acquiring the Midas Touch. Most importantly, never give up. And don’t forget the learning curve. Learn something new every day.
  • Criticism is easier to take when you realize that the only people who aren't criticized are those who don't take risks. Don't be afraid of the risk involve -- and know you're in good company if you're criticized.

Midas Touch Book Review

Overall, as mentioned above, this is a very helpful read, especially if you're dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur or desiring to grow your business. This book introduces the reader to the world of entrepreneurship, beneficial to someone with zero background like me, and helped me shift my way of thinking of how things work in the world of business. 

I must say, you won't regret investing a few hours of your time gleaning insights & practical business tips from two of the most successful entrepreneurs in our time.


Do check out Midas Touch by Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki below.

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