Lost Civilizations: 10 Societies that Vanished without a Trace by Michael Rank: Book Review

February 02, 2017

I've always had a fascination for history most especially with the ancients. I'm mystified by their origins and the conundrum surrounding the demise of these once great civilizations. It's no wonder I'm drawn to this subject. Honestly, I could devour an entire book without understanding it. Well, at least a little bit. :D

Lost Civilizations : 10 Societies that Vanished without a Trace by Michael Rank Book Review

I'm not really into books, but I've made it my personal goal to read at least one per week. Any book will do. I'd appreciate it if you'd suggest one. This is because I strive to improve myself: my vocabulary, writing and grammar skills. If you stop learning then you hinder yourself from growing.

In this post, I'll be sharing my thoughts on this book.

Lost Civilizations Book Review

In this short book, you will be introduced by the author to 10 societies of the ancient past. Well, it's obviously written on the title. Some of these societies were familiar and some were not. I'm sure everyone heard of the mystical city of Atlantis, thanks to Plato's account, but how about Cucuteni-Trypillian? Much more pronounce it correctly. 

The author narrates how these once thriving civilizations left behind ornate buildings, intelligently engineered roads, and aqueducts; how advanced they were in their own time, which puzzles the great minds of today; and the mystery surrounding their end without leaving a trace.

Just my two cents, I just think modern minds unfairly labels our ancient ancestors as primitive. I honestly believe it's an understatement.
I like how Michael Rank gives his readers an overview and a compact summary about the 10 lost civilizations mentioned, but I feel like it's not enough to satiate one's curiosity. There is no hard evidence given on how these ancient groups of technologically advanced people vanished without a trace.

After reading this book, their story still remains, well, a mystery. The author does give his speculations on how these 10 ancient civilizations meet their demise, but in the end throws back the same questions to the readers, which leaves you all the more mystified.


Overall, this book is okay. It's a short book with a few pages so it's just a quick read. Is it worth your time? Um, If you're into history then it would be.

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