Leadership Ellipse by Robert A. Fryling: Book Review

February 15, 2017

Is the outer world of success so different from the inner world of the soul? As a believer in Jesus Christ holding out various leadership positions, do you struggle to connect your inner spiritual life from your external leadership role? Is the dissonance between those two worlds that obvious?

I was hoping to gain godly leadership insights from Robert A. Fryling's book; Leadership Ellipse: Who You are Shapes How You Lead. Unfortunately, this book is for those who already hold various leadership roles in the church or in the corporate world, not for aspiring leaders.

How I felt reading Leadership Ellipse?

I felt out of element reading this book. I've perceived that the author, Robert A. Fryling is a brilliant, highly logical man. Thus, I wasn't able to relate much to what he was talking about.

This book is obviously not for me. I'm not the type to let what I started to go unfinished. I stuck with it till the end just to dig the hidden gold, waiting to be discovered, between those pages.

3 Golden Nuggets from Leadership Ellipse Book

  • People want to know how much you care before they care how much we know.
  • Good listening involves asking good questions and setting aside our own agenda for the sake of the other person. It helps us to know others and it helps them to be known.
  • When I find myself wanting more attention or recognition, it is a blaring reminder of my need for a greater awareness of God's grace in my life.

Leadership Ellipse Book Review

Overall, Leadership Ellipse: Who You are Shapes How You Lead by Robert A. Fryling is an okay read. For me, it was an uneventful one. This book is not for everyone that's why I gave it 3 stars over 5. Again, this book is not for would-be or aspiring-to-be leaders. It's for believers in Jesus Christ who already are in leadership positions.


So how do you reconcile and bring harmony to your inner spiritual life from your outer world of leadership? Actually, they are not separate at all! Both are part of who we are.

Our inner world, which must be in harmony with God (this is for believers in Jesus Christ) and the purposes He had for us, shapes who we are and how we relate and lead others.

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