History's Most Insane Rulers by Michael Rank: Book Review

February 02, 2017

This is yet another book review by Michael Rank. The first review I did was from this book. I was able to get my hands on this e-book for free at Kindle. Why not? It's a short read anyway.

History's Most Insane Rulers by Michael Rank : A Book Review

The preview I've read from this book tells a story of how Caligula, a Roman Emperor, almost appointed his horse to be a senator. This makes me laugh!

Seriously. How could someone get to this point of insanity? I love the fact that this short book talks about real stories that happened to real people. It doesn't hurt to learn from the experiences of others and get life lessons along the way.

I guess you'll still able to glean something even from someone else's point of insanity like how they got there and things you should avoid doing.

History's Most Insane Rulers Book Review

The author introduces us, the readers, to 10 rulers from different points of history. He talks about their life story, how they came to power, what they did, how they meet their end, and of course not forgetting their eccentric and outrageous behaviors.

He mentioned them in chronological order from the rulers of the Roman era to the leaders of modern times. Honestly, I don't think all of these leaders mentioned are lunatics, eccentrics, megalomaniacs or whatever the author would describe them to be.

Because I think the rulers mentioned towards the end of the book, those who ruled during modern times, are just power hungry people who are motivated by greed or other selfish motivations. This is just based on my opinion, everyone is different.

The life stories, which I think would give the readers a bit more flavor, are the stories of the Ottoman Sultan Ibrahim I and Charles VI of France. If I were in the shoes of the author, I'd also make sure their position in the list is secure. They're crazy and darn funny in many ways.

Charles VI of France thought he's made of glass at some point in his life that he decided to wear very thick clothing. Whenever someone pays him a visit, he would instruct them to tiptoe so that he won't shatter to pieces.

If that wasn't eccentric enough, take a look at the life of Ottoman Sultan Ibrahim I of the Ottoman Empire. He became obsessed with large figured women that he commanded his advisors to find him the fattest woman in the world to add to his harem.

When they did, he became head over heels for her so much so that he gave her his ear on the empire's political matters.
Yes, their names did make it to the annals of history but I feel sorry for the lives that they've lived. Most of them weren't able to recover from the tragedies they went through.

Personally, I'd rather be a commoner and live an abundant and fulfilled life than famous, rich and depressed. We only get to live one life, so seize it!

This is a good book that gives readers a summarized background on the lives of these 10 eccentric rulers. It's not really an in-depth look at their lives, but good enough -- enough to be informed. It's only a short read so it doesn't hurt. ;)


Find this book interesting? Check out Michael Rank's book History's Most Insane Rulers below.

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