5 Simple Steps to Fulfilling Your Life's Dreams

February 02, 2017

New Year is a wonderful time to reevaluate what the previous year has been. Most of us would make minor to major changes through the help of a New Years Resolution.

Unfortunately, by mid-January, we became disillusioned because it just doesn't work. Will power alone is not enough!

Sifting through my memory of the previous year plus the year 2015, I've come to realize that I haven't been doing anything to reach my goals.

I didn't invest in myself and I've only watched things happen. I was grieved! Sure, I've traveled and many other things too, but in terms of personal development, I was stuck!

5 Simple Steps to Fulfilling Your Life's Dreams

Everyone has dreams greater than themselves. We ask questions like why am I here for? What's my purpose in life? How do I better serve my fellow men? It's not just about self.

If you are all wrapped up in yourself, you make a very small package! I know, I have to change, but I have to do it one step at a time, call it baby steps if you will, I know it's not a smooth one because it took years to form those negative habits of making excuses.

Below are some tips I've followed to pick myself up and beat the problem of procrastination.

  • Have a vision.

Where there is no vision the people waste away. Life without purpose is time without meaning.

Remember the dreams you have as a child? What is it that you want to accomplish in life? What motivates you? What do you have in your hands? Abilities? Passions? Talents?

Spend a few hours or even a day thinking what is it that you really want to accomplish before you leave this earth? How would you want to leave your footprints in the sands of history?

  • Plan/Prepare.

Write the vision down! Progress requires a plan of action. Ideas must be put down if they are to influence the way you live. 

It's an easy act in a deadline-induced panic, but what if you don't have one? Your goals/dreams don't have deadlines. You have a lifetime to do it. But don't drag it for too long else you'll come to the end of the line with your dreams buried with you.

For example, let's say I've listed, "Start our own company" in my bucket list. So how do I prepare for that? I don't have any business experience and I knew no one in the field. I've figured, I have to educate myself if that's what I want to pursue in life through books.

Sure, I can learn from the hard knocks of life through personal experience, but there's a better way. Many men and women have gone before me and have become successful in the field. If you're smart, you'd glean from their own walk and learn what they did to get to where they are.

  • Set a Deadline

As I've mentioned earlier, dreams/passions don't have deadlines so you have to make one. If you've prepared and meticulously plan what you wanted to do in life, then set a timeline to carry out your plans. There's a simple guideline I've followed to do this found below:

VISION (What do you want to achieve in life?)

  • Next 5 years _________________
  • This year ____________________
  • This month __________________
  • This week ___________________
  • Today ______________________

Because it'll be an easy excuse to do it tomorrow at some other time, I've decided to break down my 'To Dos per day. Don't overwhelm yourself, make it doable and easy! I'd suggest you get a planner or install a Chrome extension like Momentum because we're digital.

  • Step Out

Don't remain a dreamer all your life. You need to wake up too, and do it! Take small baby steps like if you wanted to pursue that dream job, then update your resume, apply for that job and do interviews. If you want to start a business, then find your niche market, start looking for suppliers, contact them and start making orders.

  • Don't give up!

Just because you've failed once, twice or a thousandth time like Colonel Sanders of KFC doesn't mean you're a failure. Failure is the opportunity to more intelligently begin again. Don't let it paralyze you. We are so afraid of what others might think of us. We fear failure!

Friend, do yourself a favor and free yourself today! If we're only honest to ourselves, it's not them that we most worry about, but rather our self-worth and how we see ourselves. What's your self talk? Do you see yourself a failure? Then change that negative thinking pattern. Your self-worth is not equal to your net worth. You are more than that!
Failure is the path of least persistence. Unless you venture to try things you’ve never done before, you’ll never experience the wealth that lives within you.

Interested to know more? Check out Myles Munroe's book: Understanding your Potential: Discovering the Hidden You below.

Note: This article is hugely based on Myles Munroe's bookUnderstanding your Potential: Discovering the Hidden You

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